Add Email Addresses
to Your Marketing Lists

AutoAppend’s automated email address append platform,
starting at $0.05 per match

Now you can add email address or reverse email address information to your customer or prospect list to better communicate and market your products or services.

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Consumer and Business Data Append
Append consumer contact data, such as email address, phone number and postal address, household financial data and demographic insights as well as business email addresses to your customer or prospect lists with match rates as high as 85%.

Data Hygiene and Validation Services
Clean up your data, fix contacts and validate email addresses and phone numbers.

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About AutoAppend
AutoAppend is a data technology service from Exactis that provides a self-serve suite of products that includes a search and fulfillment engine with match and append. AutoAppend can also add enhancements from our other in-house databases, including Social Network Information and Demographic data, to your marketing lists.